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About Us
Our Story
La Cueva’s Robotics club first started in 2019 as a small group of students who had an enduring passion for robotics, coding, and leadership. After a rocky start with funding and memberships, the club began to gain momentum and drastically increased in popularity. At the peak of our first year, the club had nearly 50 students. Although the club had many members, it was still mainly student-run, with a president and board being chosen in the first year. Although there were some financial problems with buying new sets, parts, and tools, students worked hard to write grants to request funding, and it paid off. At the beginning of 2020, when competition season began, meetings ramped up, and students were always working with robots, code, funding, and management. As the competitions began, it was clear that the teams were very dedicated. The club’s teams had unparalleled win-loss records, and, if a loss was experienced, all team members would work on figuring the problem out and solving it. Despite some losses, La Cueva sent two teams to the world championship competition in their first year after winning state. With the new COVID restrictions set in for this semester, our team needed to adapt, as we met for roughly 6+ hours per week in our competition season. We still pushed forwards with hosting online meetings and meeting in small groups to work on the robots. Although there is less meeting time, the club assembled a new team, with La Cueva having 4 VEX teams this year. Even though the club did experience some hardships, we would like to thank our sponsors, mentor, teachers, and others. Sponsors provided funding and support to our programs when we needed it the most, and our mentors, Yolanda Lozano and Emily Clauss, provided advice to our club leaders. Finally, our club would like to thank any parents, students, and others for their financial and time dedication to support the La Cueva Robotics Team.
Our Goal
What if every student could experience hands-on learning before graduating high school? Our goal is to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals that will impact the future of our world. While Albuquerque is renown in the STEM industry, there is a surprising lack of engineering activities at the high school level. We seek to fill this void. Our a competitive robotics team will allow students to learn STEM skills and group project techniques. Students will be exposed to mechanics, C++ coding, professional engineering documentation, technical english, and high-level strategy. Our program's focus is to establish student proficiency in 21st Century STEM Skills. We see robotics as an amazing opportunity to introduce students to engineering just before they begin the college and career search process.
Our Sponsors
aps rec aps Rinchem Jim and Jane Staten
Website Info
This website was coded from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JS by students Edward Potapov and Grant Staten for the 2021 Team Website Online Challenge.