Team K

Edward Potapov:

Hi, my name is Edward Potapov. I’m a Senior attending La Cueva High School. I am Team K's Programming Lead and this website's developer. I enjoy working on projects that both include software and hardware. These projects are composed of implementations of Algorithms to designing PCBs. These skills help me in Robotics when working with the various stages of building a robot.

Andre Marquez:

Hi, I am Andre Marquez. I'm a senior at La Cueva and Team K's lead builder. In robotics, my team and I work and collaborate to construct the best possible machine for a specific task. As the building leader, I am responsible for organizing our plans and guiding the construction of our robot. I joined La Cueva's robotics club because it is a perfect blend of my interests in practical programming and physics.

Sean Love:

My name is Sean Love and I am a senior this year. My team has gotten together to work on the robot a few times and I have expanded vertically on the robot to start the intakes and height requirements. I have also started on the notebook to record what happens at the meetings and progress we make. I am in robotics because planning and building are key requirements to succeed in college and later in life.

Joel Gates:

My name is Joel Gates and I'm part of team K, I've been part of robotics club since it started last year. I have worked on coding and I enjoy the teamwork and cooperative nature of robotics club at La Cueva.

Zayne Faulhaber:

I am a part of robotics because I just love the people that are apart of it and the community it creates. It really allows me to have some freedom when making some decisions, but conform to what others want. I am a coder for team K, and this year we have done some great stuff. Last year I coded for multiple robots, and loved every second of it! I look forward to winning this year.

Andrew Richardson:

My name is Andrew Richardson, and I am a senior. Being a builder on the robotics team K has been really fun. I have joined the club to learn about this field. This is a fun activity with friends that leads to learning important skills.