Team S

Luke Helm:

Hi, my name is Luke Helm and I am a high school Junior. I am the building lead for the 55885S robot, I have worked on just about every part of the robot with the assistance of my other teamates. As the building lead, I have taught other new team members learn more about robotics. I am also one of the drivers. Robotics has provided me with many critical thinking skills and have helped me to better understand the engineering process along with many other things. I really enjoy robotics and the support from other teamates in robotics, and life is something I love about robotics.

Grant Staten:

Hello, my name is Grant Staten and I am a sophomore in high school. As the programming lead for team S, the robotics program has helped me expand my knowledge in programming, mechanics, math, management, and much more. Robotics has formed many friendships for me and has been a great way to spend free time that I have.

Jeffrey Yang:

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Yang, and I am a sophomore this year. I am a builder, and I help design new ideas, which range from small details to major robot reworks. I enjoy doing robotics because the building aspect stimulates my mind, and I also enjoy watching the robot succeed in competitions and matches.

Solomon Brown:

My name is Solomon Brown and I am a freshman. My favorite thing to do outside of school is to practice tricks on my bike or to practice parkour. I am learning how to code for the robot and how to use git hub from Grant.

Charles Zhou:

Hello, I'm Charles Zhou and I am a sophomore at La Cueva. I am a captain on the La Cueva CyberPatriots team and have placed nationally in Science Olympiad. I assist in building and moral support for the team. Robotics is an opportunity for creativity, teamwork, and development. It also incorporates many ideas/topics that are taught in other classes in the school (like computer science, physics, and design). I enjoy robotics since it enables me to utilize my knowledge and experience while connecting with other motivated individuals.

Nnamdi Adi:

I’m Nnamdi Adi and I am a senior. I have focused on the build aspects of the bot. I’m a part of robotics because I love STEM and I enjoy it because I get to have fun while learning crucial lessons whilst working alongside great people

Venkata Menta:

Hey, this is Venkata Menta, I am a freshman, and I am part of the robotics team. Robotics isn't like every club, it has its own specialty and isn't something that can be compared to other clubs. Any time we meet to work on a robot, there is an equal balance of fun and productivity for noble uses. We all believe that each second we spend time on making improvements we are one second ahead of reaching success. Throughout this semester I worked on many crucial parts of the robot, like the hood and the intakes and many others. Finally, I believe that the best way to learn something is too seek every opportunity that is available, and robotics is the best opportunity available to reach the future.