Team X

Kevin Tran:

Hi! My name is Kevin Tran and I am a senior. I am currently the club president of our robotics program, and the lead builder for my team. I started on our team S before branching off and running our team X. I mainly do the building for our robot, and I also make sure that things get done within my team. Robotics is fun for me because it allows me to be creative and apply the skills I have learned.

Dante Broglie:

I Dante Broglie am currently in my senior year. So far I have helped a bit with coding, design, and a bit of IT helping setup in the new room prior to COVID. I enjoy the process of designing, and building, then failing somewhat, repeating the first two, failing but in a new way. Then accepting the fail for what it is and working around it until a new fail arrives.

Liam Hays:

My name is Liam Hays, and I'm in 9th grade. I joined Robotics because I like doing things with computers and hardware, and I figured it would be a fun club to be in and a place where my skills could be put to good use. I like being a part of it because I meet new people, and I've been active in the community since nearly day one. My hope now is that we get to go to the competitions, where I hope we do as well as the club did last year (I wasn't there, but I know they did really well).

Andrew Zhang:

I’m Andrew Zhuang and I’m a senior attending La Cueva High School. This is my second year in VEX robotics and I really enjoy working with my team on the robot. Throughout the process of constructing the robot, I’ve made various improvements to the intake function in order to increase the efficiency of the robot. I'm also the main author of our team's engineering notebook. The notebook is a activity log keeps track of our brainstorming, observations, and progress. Overall, my VEX robotics experience has been really fun and educative as I cooperate with my team on the robot.

Alyssa Yoon:

Hi, I’m Alyssa Yoon. I’m a senior and this is my second year in VEX Robotics. I mainly work on building the robot and writing notebook entries. Last year, I worked on the lift and base for the 4-bar, and this year I have made intakes and the hood. Robotics has enabled me to get hands-on experience in engineering and will definitely help me with my career. It is overall a great opportunity to meet new people and work as a team!

Camden Macarthur:

Hello! My name is Camden MacArthur and I am a senior at La Cueva High School. For the robotics team, specifically team X, I have built various things usually pertaining to the wheels of the robot. I am apart of this program because I have an interest in creating clever parts for robots and seeing how they fare in competition settings. I mostly like robotics because it has a large sense of community, and overall is a club with a very comfortable environment.

Berkan Dokmeci:

My name is Berkan Dokmeci and I am currently a junior that helps code for the robotics team. Helping code the robots we build is a big interest of mine and I am hoping to get a chance to help our team become successful.