Team Y

Christina Shou:

Hi! I'm Christina and I'm a junior this year! I'm the robotics club treasurer and the best part of being on robotics is the community and friends you earn from the experience!

Mario Sumali:

Hi. I’m Mario Sumali, a junior and Vice-President of La Cueva Robotics. I've been on the team since its conception and I'm excited to continue doing robotics this year and my senior year. I hope to qualify for worlds all three of my highschool years.

Melody Yeh:

I am Melody Yeh, a junior at La Cueva High School. Within robotics, I have helped with the building and grant writing. This was my second year and I really enjoy robotics because of the problem solving, team work, and engineering aspects of it. Since I’ve always been interested in the STEM fields, robotics brings it all together in an entertaining yet challenging way.

Jenny Xiong:

Hi! My name is Jenny Xiong and I am a Junior at La Cueva High School. During the time I have spent being part of the robotics club, I have mostly contributed to the documentation aspect of robotics. This allows our team to be able to look back on what needs to be improved and implemented in the future. I joined the robotics team because there weren't many opportunities for females that wanted to go into the field of STEM. Being part of the team has helped the growth of my critical thinking skills and other various life-long skills.

Jessica Tran:

Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m a sophomore currently. My role in robotics, so far, includes being a builder and journaling in the notebook for Team Y’s robot. Honestly, robotics is really chill about participating even if you don’t know anything, so I love that freedom of doing whatever you can to contribute.

Jake Kasper:

My name is Jake Kasper. I've been an active participant in robotics for 3 years, and I've spent 2 of them in Vex Robotics. This year, I'm a senior at La Cueva, working primarily on software for Team Y, as well as helping out with the construction. In the beginning of my career in robotics, I knew very little of software, and had to start from the basics of programming. From my time with robotics, I've become familiar with multiple languages as well as applying mathematical concepts in building towards better autonomous programs. It's been an amazing experience to watch the flow of the team as we work hard to apply the best mechanical designs for the current challenge, then pass it on to the software department to take the hard work of our teammates and create a strong and functional robot.

Grace Kang:

Hi, my name is Grace Kang, and I am a sophomore attending La Cueva High School. I joined Robotics because I have always had an interest in the STEM fields, and I thought this club was a great opportunity to learn more and gain experience. I have focused on the construction and documentation aspect of the robot. I was able to focus and help with the organization of the notebook.

Janie Xiong:

Hello, I am Janie Xiong, a Junior at La Cueva High School. This is my second year in robotics, and I joined because I am interested in the subject and want to explore more in the field of STEM. I have participated in the planning of the robot in the club.